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Here’s a list of the characters who feature in CHAOS. The four main characters each have a page of their own as well. If you’d like to see more about them, click on their name or their picture and you’ll be taken to their page. Some of the side characters will have a brief note about who they are. Others will not have a note so as to avoid spoilers.

Side Characters

Kade Reed – Wesley’s older brother

Taliyah Reed – Wesley’s younger sister

Gregor Hallen – Elsey’s father

Marnie Hallen – Elsey’s mother

Landon Marion – Charlotte’s father

Micha Adamson – Henry’s father

Anastasia Adamson – Henry’s twin sister (fraternal)

Malini Nayak – Henry’s ex-girlfriend and Kade’s girlfriend

Jemma Soriano – Ana’s girlfriend

Liev Kozlova – Wesley’s boss

Galina Kozlova – Wesley’s boss

Veda Nayak – Malini’s mother



Tristan Doran

Gene Doran


Reagan Bullard

Theresa Bullard

Victoria Boyer

Alexander Cleary

Brant Cleary

Rachelle Forge

Stefanie Cleary

Bill Cleary

Vanessa Boyer

Pyralis Forge

Neil Jephson




Mr. Pruitt

Carson Yhu

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