A running track covered in mist with the name CHARLOTTE MARION on top in the center.
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An illustration of a young teenage girl in front of a brick wall. She has wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. She has tawny tan skin with sharply defined lips, high cheekbones, and a pointed chin. She's wearing a forest green hoodie over a flowy soft pink dress. One hand is stuffed in the front pocket of the hoodie while the other plays with the silver bird she wears on a necklace around her neck.
Artwork by artherrera on Fiverr

Name: Charlotte Marion
Birthday: November 22nd, 3682
Age: 16
Boyfriend: Wesley Reed
Best Friends: Malini Nayak and Jemma Soriano (Anastasia Adamson kind of)
Current Residence: trailer park in the city
Favorite Drink: coffee (especially with caramel)
Bad Habits: extremely impulsive, picks at skin beside nails, chews on inside of cheek
Quirks: focuses more on other people than herself, plays with bird necklace when thinking, steals Wes’s hoodie
Hobbies: running, drinking coffee, movie nights with her dad, spending time with Wesley or her friends
Known For: intense anxiety, close with her dad, extremely nice and friendly, timid but approachable, star athlete on the school track team

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