A black metal wall to a warehouse is painted with blood. The name ELSEY HALLEN sits in front.
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In front of the a brick wall stands an illustration of a short young teenage girl with long, red curly hair and striking blue-green eyes. Scars cover her pale pink skin and slice into her face. She's arching a single brow, and her heart-shaped lips are set in a firm expression. She wears a black long-sleeved shirt for the band Sevendust [featuring the cover art of their album Cold Day Memory] with strategically placed holes covered in mesh, a blue plaid skirt, and a black belt with silver metal rivulets. A bracelet peaks out beneath the sleeve of her shirt, revealing a silver filigree star dangling between black and clear beads.
Artwork by artherrera on Fiverr

Name: Elsey Hallen
Birthday: March 22nd, 3682
Age: 17
Sexual and Romantic Orientation: somewhere between grey and demi
Current Residence: parents’ mansion
Diet: vegan (there’s a big reason)
Height: 5 foot but wears combat boots
Vehicle: motorcycle
Bad Habits: serious temper problem, extremely blunt, not good at holding her tongue when irritated, rolling her eyes
Quirks: creature of habit, not talkative, loner, arching a single brow, doesn’t smile, very private
Known For: her temper, covered in scars head-to-toe, born with powers, the daughter of the city’s founding family, lots of rumors and secrets

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