A dark gray and cream stone background with About Me scrawled in a messy cursive font on the left with a polaroid picture of the author Cydney Daemon on the right. Cydney Daemon appears to be a woman with tawny beige skin, dark hair, hazel eyes, dark red lipstick, and a black and red shirt.
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Cydney Daemon, first and foremost, is a human being.


She is definitely not a demon of chaos taking human form in order to collect as many books, black cats, and items of gothy wonder as possible. When not hyperfixated on writing whatever has possessed her brain, Cydney can be found arguing with her dog, playing referee to her two house panthers, consuming media things meant to scare her for fun, and testing the limits of Dr Pepper consumption on the human body. If spotted in the wild instead of in her cave of darkness, she may be seen rambling to herself about anything from book ideas to how many times she had to walk down that aisle before remembering to grab the damn thing she came here for.


Previously, she worked in customer service—which was a grave mistake on everyone’s part. Along with writing novels, she also currently works as a freelance writer, writing session notes for mental health professionals.


With an origin story that includes poverty and severe childhood trauma, mental health and empowerment for everyone has always been extremely important to her. Cydney seeks to write books that have their own heart and soul and that can help those in the way books helped her growing up, whether that be by providing an escape or an inspiration.

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