A chalkboard covered in science-related information. In front of the chalkboard is the name WESLEY REED.
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An illustration of a young teenager stands in front of a brick wall. He has deep brown skin and black hair cut in a low-cut fade. He has hooded dark smoky quartz eyes and a round face with full dimpled-cheeks highlighted by his smile. He wears jeans and a dark blue shirt with a science pun partially obscured by a forest green hoodie draping his shoulder and a biology book he holds in his hands. The biology book is The Biology of the Cell Surface by Ernest Everett Just.
Artwork by artherrera on Fiverr

Name: Wesley Reed
Birthday: September 9th, 3682
Age: 16
Siblings: Kade Reed and Taliyah Reed
Girlfriend: Charlotte Marion
Current Residence: trailer park in the city
Job: Staryy Dom (Russian restaurant)
Favorite Food: pizza (but loves all food. Except salad.)
Bad Habits: pretends he doesn’t have anxiety or depression, pretends he’s not impulsive
Quirks: bounces leg and fidgets with things, observant but not nosy, rubs back of neck or his head
Hobbies: reading science journals & books, teasing Henry, spending time with Charlotte & his younger sister
Known For: being protective of his loved ones, pragmatic to a fault, used to be a loner, very responsible

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