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Since the current dumbass overlord of the bird place had a meltdown about Linktree, I decided it would be safer to create an aggregate page with all my links on my website. Any links you may need will be on that page.

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Previously, CHAOS was only available through Amazon for both ebook and paperback formats. Now, however, CHAOS is available through multiple online retailers, and you can even request your preferred local bookstore to order a copy for you or for your local library to add it to their shelves. Order your copy today!

A city on fire sits in the background. In front is the an image of the paperback and ebook version of my book CHAOS. The cover of my book depicts a starry night sky behind a broken and cracked statue of an unnamed woman covered in stains and partially cast in shadow. There are glowing fiery embers and sparks casting a fiery-orange glow on part of the statue. In front, the book's title [CHAOS] is shown in a font that looks like burning and crumbling embers. Beneath the title, my name [Cydney Daemon] is in a fiery orange font. Above the cover of my book it says [AVAILABLE NOW] and below the cover of my book, it says [Four teens try to solve a murder and begin uncovering secrets about a cult and the ancient mythology behind their powers.] In the four corners of the image, there is a dark orange Greek-inspired geometric design framing the entire image.
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I finally set up a newsletter! Feel free to sign up! I won’t spam your inbox. I’ll only send things out every so often whenever I have important news, sales, giveaways, etc. You can sign up below.

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