Dark marble covered in cracks. In the center is the word CHAOS.
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All things are not as they seem . . .

A gritty and dark realistic post-apocalyptic fantasy set in a future of 3699 when most people with special abilities seemingly abandoned the world, leaving it to crumble into ruin.

Hallenwood is one of the few cities that manages to continue to survive.

After the gruesome murder of Kade Reed, four teenagers come together to solve his murder and begin to unravel all the dark secrets keeping the city alive. Secrets involving an evil cult and the true story of the ancient mythology surrounding their powers.

In the war of CHAOS, they have to fight to keep themselves from breaking and to keep the world and reality as they know it from crumbling to pieces.

Above all, they have to fight to keep hope alive.


Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

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