A city at night with many buildings caught in a blazing fire. In front of the scene it says, "Welcome to Hallenwood."
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Founded by the Hallen family, Hallenwood remains standing after the devastation that hit the world when most of the people with special abilities seemingly abandoned the world.

Here you’ll find a list of important locations in Hallenwood and a brief description.

(One day, we’ll have a map here as well.)


Hallen Street – The street that runs north and south through the entire city of Hallenwood from Hallenwood High School crossing many streets and leading directly into the neighborhood where the most wealthy people in the city live, including straight to the Hallen Mansion. It crosses the bay with a bridge.

Boyer Road – The street crossing the center of Hallen Street, running from East to West. Many other important buildings and businesses are off this street. It leads to the hospital and morgue on the west and the office of Micha Adamson on the east.

The Bay – What used to be the lakes has now turned into a large bay of water due to climate change causing the sea levels to rise and sink massive chunks of land and merging the ocean with the lakes. This has greatly damaged the aquatic ecosystems, and it’s not advised for anyone to go swimming in the water for any reason.

The Bridge – A section of Hallen Street that crosses the bay and leads to Hallenwood High School.

North Star Island – Sits out in the bay and is home to what was once the old prison that used to house many powered individuals who broke laws back when there was a government. Now, most of the people in Hallenwood believe that the prison and the island have been abandoned.

HAL Corp – Every business owned and operated by the Hallen Family falls under the HAL Corp umbrella.

HAL Tower – The hub of the city. HAL Tower is the central piece of HAL Corp and the pride and joy of Gregor Hallen. At 96 floors, it is built from black iridescent metal with black tinted windows with large letters H-A-L emitting a soft white glow over the city. It is located in the direct center of the city and is one of the few buildings that has never been touched by the crime in the city. The tower is home to multiple business ventures by HAL Corp, including many of the local radio stations and TV stations.

Hallen Market – The grocery store, which also sells many other goods. It’s owned and operated by the Hallen Family

Hallenwood Bus Depot – The public transportation service that runs through the city. It’s owned and operated by the Hallen Family

Forge and Hallen Fire Department – The fire department that runs entirely for profit. They will only come put out fires and help people if the people can afford to pay them, which means only poor people are often left to suffer and lose everything. It’s owned and operated by the Hallen Family and by Pyralis Forge.

Forge Institute – A private university for higher education and learning focused on science and mathematics. It’s owned and operated by Pyralis Forge. He often has his people from the university scout promising science and logical minded people from Hallenwood High School to recruit them and offers them scholarships if he feel that they can be of use to him.

G&R Private Investigations and Security – A private investigations and security firm owned and operated by Hyde Gravenor and Rowe. They have many people working for them, but they often take on the work themselves. They have contracts with Gregor and Marnie Hallen and with all the other rich people in the city. However they are not in charge of security at HAL Tower or Hallenwood Museum or other Hallen properties because Gregor likes to select his own security officers so he can have more control.

Cleary Hospital and EMS – The city hospital and EMS owned and operated by Stefanie and Bill Cleary. Run entirely for profit. They will accept anybody, but they will bill later and the prices are always astronomical. They are willing to set up payment plans however, their interest percentages are high and people are often left paying for the rest of their lives. The hospital has also been known to send G&R Private Investigations and Security to collect on other property if people cannot afford to pay their hospital bills.

Hallenwood Museum – Owned and operated by the Hallen Family. It is built to look like the Parthenon with a golden statue of Athena (holding a spear in one hand and an owl in the other) on top. There are multiple sections inside. Many sections dedicated to the history of various parts of the world, one section dedicated to the history of Hallenwood and the history of the Hallen Family, a section dedicated to local artists, and much more.

Boyer Morgue – Owned and operated with Vanessa Boyer. The morgue mostly is in charge of picking up the bodies of any of the dead people around the city after someone calls them in. They take notes about each death and typically catalog the information to provide it to the loved ones of the deceased if they want the information. They have also partnered with HAL Corp to create the Daily Death List.

Pleasure Strip – A section of streets that is home to most of the brothels, drug dealing, and gambling hot spots in the city.

Hallenwood School System – There are three schools in the city. The Hallen Family and other wealthy families pay a substantial amount of money to keep the schools open to the public so all children in the city can attend.

Bedlam – Owned and operated by Micha Adamson, it is the most popular club in the city. Drugs and alcohol flow freely. It appears to be a two story red brick building with a blue and pink neon sign on the second floor has a loft apartment that used to house the manager of the property, but now Henry Adamson lives there.

Purgatory – Located in what used to be a mattress factory, it’s now a club for people within the alternative crowd that hosts bands and musicians of all styles of rock and metal. It’s owned and operated by Luci, Tristan, and Gene who also live in an apartment under the building.

Adamson Property Agency – The main office of Micha Adamson. He owns many residential properties, such as apartments and duplexes throughout the city.

Hallen Storage Services – Warehouses throughout the city where people can pay to store their stuff. Some of the warehouses are used exclusively by HAL Corp to store any items belonging to people who have died in HAL Corp residential properties. Adamson Property Agency also has contracts with the storage facilities to store any items belonging to people who have died on Adamson residential properties.

The Square – A section of streets where you can find most of the restaurants and other food services.

The Old Police Station & The Old City Hall – Was abandoned but some homeless people use them as shelter.

Decadence – The most popular brothel on the Pleasure Strip.

Arnie’s Deli – A deli owned and operated by Arnie. He is very open-minded and tries to make sure his menu caters to every style of diet. He’s one of the few restaurants that offers vegan options.

Staryy Dom – A Russian restaurant owned and operated by Liev and Galina Kostova. There is a main dining room and a VIP dining room located in the back. The second floor of the restaurant is an apartment where Liev and Galina reside. The restaurant is red brick with a green awning out front and a modest parking lot. They also have a bulletproof glass booth for the valet to stay in while waiting for customers to come and go due to the issue with shootings in the city.

New Hallen Bank – The bank owned and operated exclusively by the Hallen Family. The 3rd most popular and the newest bank in the city.

Diamond Finance – The bank owned and operated by the Hallen Family and Micha Adamson. 2nd most popular bank in the city.

Freedom Financial – The bank owned and operated by the Hallen Family and Miss Boyer. The most popular bank in the city.

Trivia Reserve – The only bank not owned in any part by the Hallen Family or any of the other wealthy families in the city, much to their ire. They have been trying to gain control over this bank for years, but for some reason the bank continues to hold strong, though they’ve never met the owner due to them being a recluse.

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